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In a vibrant democracy, we need to ensure that everyone is free and able to take part in political and social life. People with diverse origins and cultural backgrounds have become an inseparable part of European society. But they face many barriers that hinder their ability to have a say in decisions that affect them daily. The resulting participation gap is a key challenge to European democracy.

Through the New Europeans Initiative, MPG contributes to closing the participation gap and making European democracy fit for an increasingly diverse and internationally mobile society. We research policies, identify best practices, and promote evidence-based solutions. The initiative is for all those who arrived and live in an EU country or are their descendants and lack access to full civic and political participation. The needs of New Europeans are the starting point of this project. New Europeans are involved in all four aspects of the initiative.


The New Europeans Initiative is supported by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme (CERV) of the European Union.