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The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism

NIEM is a six-year long project that measures refugee integration policies in 14 EU Member States and establishes a framework for evidence-based policy-making.


Biggest civil society-led project the European Commission has funded under AMIF and the only transnational AMIF project on integration.

The NIEM tool was designed by MPG based on its expertise with indicators and piloted with UNHCR from 2010 to 2013.

Being the largest European integration project ever led by civil society, the European Commission and Polish government are supporting MPG and partners to monitor refugee integration from 2016 to 2021.

The European Commission entrusted this project to key refugee-supporting organisations, leading think-tanks and universities in the integration field and MPG is one of them.

Project Deliverables

  • Regular comparative reports on refugee integration policies written by MPG based on the contribution of partner organisations.
  • Development of integration indicators (adapted from the MPG/UNHCR pilot IET Refugee Integration Evaluation Tool).

Latest Publications