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Sirius Network – Migrant Education

The SIRIUS network brings together educational stakeholders (researchers, policymakers and practitioners as well as migrants and refugees themselves) to support inclusive policy development and facilitate the integration of children and young people with migration background in education.

The SIRIUS network performs a knowledge brokerage function by providing evidence from research and practice for policymaking and by informing research about the unmet needs of policymakers and practitioners. SIRIUS’ diverse membership has prepared dozens of publications, recommendations and meetings and reached over 5,000 national and EU stakeholders.


Since 2012, MPG has helped to found and coordinate the SIRIUS network in order put migrant and refugee pupils on the agenda of the mainstream education stakeholders at EU, national and local level. SIRIUS 1.0 culminated in the the creation of SIRIUS as an independent membership-based organisation.


From 2017 to 2022, the European Commission has funded the SIRIUS 2.0 project as part of the EU Integration Action Plan to promote more effective integration policies within the education sector. In SIRIUS 2.0 MPG took up the role of lead partner.


From 2023 to 2027 SIRIUS 3.0 will continue to promote co-operation among educational stakeholders, migrant-led initiatives and policymakers in 19 EU countries. SIRIUS 3.0 is coordinated by the SIRIUS network itself. After being lead partner of SIRIUS 2.0, MPG now takes responsibility for the annual SIRIUS Watch comparative reports on the progress towards more inclusive migrant education policies in the participating countries. The MPG-authored annual SIRIUS Watch reports will be powerful tools to impact policy reform agendas at national, local/regional and European level.