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Sirius Network – Migrant Education

SIRIUS 2.0 is the MPG-led network that brings together educational stakeholders (researchers, policymakers and practitioners as well as migrants and refugees themselves) to support inclusive policy development and facilitate the integration of children and young people with migration background in education.


Since 2012, SIRIUS has consolidated and raised the migrant and refugee education agenda as the EU’s main advisor and expert.

SIRIUS’ diverse membership has prepared dozens of publications, recommendations and meetings and reached over 5,000 national and EU stakeholders.

Since 2012, MPG has helped to found and coordinate the SIRIUS network in order put migrant and refugee pupils on the agenda of the mainstream education stakeholders at EU, national and local level. From 2017 to 2021, the European Commission has been funding SIRIUS as part of the EU Integration Action Plan to promote more effective integration policies within the education sector.

Project deliverables

  • National and regional policy workshops for inclusive policy-making in 18 EU countries;
  • Study visits promoting transnational learning among partners and relevant stakeholders
  • SIRIUS Watch, the flagship research initiative monitoring the most significant changes in policy, implementation and knowledge across the EU
  • SIRIUS annual policy conferences aimed at disseminating the findings of the network to relevant stakeholders and promoting exchange and collaboration between partners