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Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue

The Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue (TMDD) is a partnership that trains and connects immigrant and refugee leaders in the US and Europe to enable them to organise and build alliances with other civil society movements.


2017 and 2018 Democracy Camps have been organised for dozens of migrant and refugee leaders.

European migrant leadership team attends and speaks at the 2016, 2017 and 2018 US National Immigrant Integration Conference.

Drawing on its long-standing commitment and research on political participation, MPG coordinates this network to help migrant and refugee leaders to innovate and mobilise. MPG works with its European migrant leadership team and the best European and US trainers.

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Dublin's Training

Community Organising

To train and develop leaders, select and win issue-based campaigns and to transform service-oriented integration initiatives.  …more 

Facilitators: Gustavo Torres, Casa, Joshua Hoyt, National Partnership for New Americans.

Community Navigators

To train and develop community volunteers to inform, advise and support via legal services, intercultural mediation, interpretation, etc. …more

Facilitators: Laura Tuell, Jones Day Law Firms, Sarah Mesick, National Partnership for New Americans, Melina Gonzalez, LSA Family Health Service, Zrinka Bralo, Migrants Organise.

Alliance & Coalition Building

To identify and secure key allies for advocacy, campaigns and welcoming strategies. …more

Facilitators: Mireya Reith, Founding executive director, Arkansas United, Teresa Buczkowska, Immigrant Council of Ireland, Breschkai Ferhad, Federal Association of Migrant Networks.

Electoral Participation

To inform and encourage immigrant communities to become voters, citizens and civically active. …more

Facilitators: Thomas Huddleston, Research Director, Migration Policy Group, Gustavo Torres, Executive Director, CASA.

Piloting one-stop-shop citizenship campaigns for mobile EU citizens, MPG, 2018

Strategic Communications

To convey a campaign’s goals with compelling messages and messengers targeted to different audiences. …more

Facilitators: Pili Tobar, America’s Voice, Melis Ari, Moniheli Ry.

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