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VoteBrussels Campaign

Voter registration campaign targeting EU citizens in Brussels to foster the inclusion of EU mobile citizens in civic and political life.


Thanks to VoteBrussels, the number of non-Belgians voters in Brussels doubled to reach 49,406 in just 5 months: an increase of 24% compared to the 2012 local elections.

Most Brussels authorities changed their registration procedures, messages and outreach based on MPG’s recommendations from local focus groups and international best practice.

Due to our longstanding expertise on best practices for immigrant political participation, MPG was sponsored by the European Commission and Brussels Region to mobilise and pilot a voter registration campaign face-to-face and online to mobilise EU citizens in Brussels.

Project Deliverables

  • Supports volunteers’ #1bru1Vote petition and local citizens initiatives to demand right to vote in regional elections.
  • Train 100 citizen volunteers to act as “mobilisers”.
  • Develop online surveys on, social media channels and communications materials.
  • Coordinate volunteers to inform nearly 3,000 EU citizens through 80 events.
  • Publication of stories in Belgian and expat media.
  • Final recommendations and evaluation report.


volunteering at VoteBrussels