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VoteEuropa is a campaign funded by the European Parliament to mobilise and encourage volunteers and voters among mobile EU citizens, naturalised migrants and refugees and young people of diverse backgrounds to vote in the European elections in May 2019.


EU Democracy Fellows across 8 EU countries have been hired to recruit volunteers from the target groups and conduct ‘train-the-trainers’ trainings.

Project website


France EU Democracy Fellow

Italy EU Democracy Fellow
Germany EU Democracy Fellow
Greece EU Democracy Fellow

Poland EU Democracy Fellow
Netherlands EU Democracy Fellow

MPG has a long-standing commitment to immigrant political participation and extensive experience of training and pilots, including our recent VoteBrussels doubling the voter registration rate in Brussels local elections. With our EU-wide experience and networks, MPG will use its well-tested mobiliser approach to get first-time voters to vote in their country of residence or citizenship. For more information on VoteEuropa, click here to read our one-pager.

Volunteer with us

  • Are you motivated to persuade others to vote in the European elections?
  • Do you have a few hours each month from February until May 2019?
  • Would you like to be trained by MPG’s Democracy Fellows and become an ambassador for the VoteEuropa campaign?

Contact the EU Democracy Fellow in your country and sign up to our Democracy mailing list!

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