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We Are a Welcoming Europe

We Are a Welcoming Europe is the first European Citizens’ Initiative on migration. Through this direct democracy tool, a million signatures from European citizens can compel the EU to change its migration policies and reclaim our right to help migrants and refugees.


Thanks to the campaign’s advocacy, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on guidelines for Member States to prevent humanitarian assistance from being criminalised on 5 July 2018.

Hundreds of organisations across Europe joined the campaign’s coalition to empower a welcoming Europe and support citizens and NGOs that are criminalised for offering humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants.

MPG is coordinating hundreds of civil society organisations in a joint campaign and developing multi-media communications for a broad audience to engage the public in policy debate and demand humane migration policies.


End the criminalisation of solidarity

No one should be prosecuted, punished or fined for offering humanitarian help to migrants and refugees. We want the EU to stop governments that are punishing volunteers.

Provide access to justice to migrant victims of abuse and exploitation

Everyone has the right to justice. We want the EU to guarantee more effective ways and rules to defend migrant victims of labour exploitation and human rights abuses at our borders, regardless of their status.

Support citizens that want to sponsor refugees

Citizens across Europe want to sponsor refugees to offer them a safe home and a new life. We want the EU to offer direct support to local groups that help refugees who are granted national visas.


What is an ECI?

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is the most visible and legally binding tool for direct democracy in Europe. If 1 million signatures are obtained within a year from EU citizens in at least seven states, then the European Parliament must offer a public hearing and the European Commission is obliged to respond to the proposal.

Who can sign an ECI?

To support a European Citizens Initiative’ (ECI), you must be an EU citizen (national of an. EU member state) and old enough to vote in European Parliament elections (18 in exception to Austria where the voting age is 16). For further information on your eligibility to sign, please refer to the European Commission website.


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