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Welcoming Europe Alliance

The WEA was a key player in the coordination of organizations and civil society around the topic of migration. This alliance gave partners a space to exchange practices, experiences, ideas and documents, and to collaborate on campaigns or other projects.


20 organisations from 10 European countries were part of the Alliance: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and UK.

The WEA members participated in a short workshop on strategic communication and narratives’  changes.

The WEA’s members worked via  Facebook Workspace where they had direct access to information about other organisations and people, detailing their areas of work and functions.

2 WEA Breakfast Sessions in which the members exchanged their news, updates and activities. Some of the topics discussed during these two events are pushbacks, criminalisation of solidarity, border control mechanisms and Frontex’s actions.

Project website

Matthias Mertens
MPG Communications Manager

Social Media

The WEA was coordinated by MPG, building on the partnerships and trust established during the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) for a Welcoming Europe.


Best Practice Sharing
Post and share experiences and campaigns in the dedicated workspace

Common Campaigning
Participate at a pan-European campaign related to one of the agreed topics related to migration.

Communications trainings
Get connected to communications experts and trainers via the Alliance

Project outcomes

MPG and its members achieved the following:

  • Connect different stakeholders to help a case of family reunification related to Moria
  • Grassroots mobilization around the EU Pact on Migration that was adopted by the European Comission on 23rd of September
  • The official launch of the WEA through the first Breakfast Session in November 2020
  • Second Breakfast Session in March 2021