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Think-and-do-tank based in Brussels with a focus on integration, migration and anti-discrimination


Gathering, analysing and sharing information.  For over 20 years, we have been a recognised knowledge provider to international organisations, civil society, and national governments.

MPG’s managed EWSI website has 7,000-8,000 monthly visits and 800 articles added annually.

MPG’s Migrant Integration Policy Index is the most used and reliable tool to analyse integration policies across the developed world. 

MPG-led Sirius project became an independent network. It is now the main adviser to the European Commission on migrant education.

We created the Resoma networking platform for stakeholders and researchers to engage in the EU migration, integration and asylum policy debate.

MPG is the leader in registering EU citizens to vote at local level in the capital of Europe through Vote Brussels campaign


Engaging stakeholders in policy debate. We aim to build a community of resilient change agents in Europe, create a critical mass to promote agenda-setting and coalitions around a common message.


Creating opportunities for dialogue and mutual learning. MPG creates opportunities with multi-level stakeholders to develop trainings that transfer and adapt best practices to different locations and sectors.

Equality Data project helped put equality data on the agenda at European level: European Handbook on Equality Data 2016.

MPG-led European Citizenship Campaigns trainers reached over 4,600 individuals at 144 events in Belgium, Ireland and United Kingdom.

MEGA engaged over 500 stakeholders in Germany, France, Italy and Spain to promote agenda-setting on migrant entrepreneurship.

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