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Migrant integration practices — how to evaluate them? Experts from 8 member states convene to assess MPG’s evaluation grid

As part of SPRING Sustainable Practice of Integration project, the Migration Policy Group recently brought together a practitioner Expert Reflection Group from eight Member State contexts with longstanding, on-the-ground experiences in managing projects, measures and policies aimed at the integration of recently arrived migrants and refugees.

The group’s members supported the development of an evaluation grid for good practices, assessed and confirmed a set of criteria developed by MPG for successful and sustainable integration practices. In cooperation with SOLIDAR and MPG, the group met in June and September 2021 to provide feedback on the proposed benchmarks, and they agreed to accompany its implementation until early 2023.

About Sustainable Practices of Integration (SPRING)

SPRING is a two-year project (2021-2023) focusing on the integration of newly arrived migrants in the context of the large-scale arrivals of refugees and other migrants since 2014. SPRING aims to develop a toolbox to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the work done by Europe’s integration stakeholders at national, regional and local levels.

Learn more about SPRING.

About the Migration Policy Group (MPG)

MPG is an independent think-and-do-tank based in Brussels. MPG’s purpose is rooted in its ability to inspire networks to provide evidence-based projects, research and campaigns in the areas of integration, migration and anti-discrimination.

Learn more about the Migration Policy Group.

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