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European Commission adopts 2 proposals to strengthen equality bodies to combat discrimination in Europe

European Commission adopts 2 proposals to strengthen equality bodies to combat discrimination in Europe

BREAKING NEWS, BRUSSELS 7 December 2022 — earlier today the European Commission adopted 2 proposals for new Directives to strengthen equality bodies so that they can more effectively combat discrimination in Europe.  

What has happened? 

More specifically, the proposals aim to enhance the powers, independence, resources, accessibility and effectiveness of national equality bodies by imposing binding standards. 

Importantly, the proposals include measures to ensure accountability — calling for the establishment of ‘common indicators to assess the effects of the proposed measures and ensure comparability of data collected at national level’ with reports every 5 years to monitor the situation. 

The proposed Directives could potentially ensure substantial improvements for equality bodies and therefore also for the fight against discrimination across Europe. 

Why is this important to MPG? 

MPG’s vision is a world in which people enjoy equal treatment and equal opportunities. In its role of coordinator of the non-discrimination strand of the European equality law network, MPG has for years been calling for the adoption of legislation such as that proposed today by the European Commission. Through the vast number of reports and independent assessments produced by national experts, MPG is proud to have played a role in supporting such developments.  

Next steps? 

MPG welcomes this initiative and encourages the Council and Parliament to ensure swift adoption of these very important proposals.  

Read the European Commission’s press release.

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